Stories from Grimm, illustrated by Helen Stratton (date unknown, but on the inside of the book in pencil is written “Christmas 1915”) Stratton was an active illustrator between the years of 1891-1925, so that gives more of a gauge of when the book could have been published. Even when I type Blackie and Son into Google nothing comes up!…mysterious book.

With a gorgeous, even majestic front cover, the book covers many childhood favourites such as Hansel and Gretel and Rumple-stilts-kin and I was delighted to find the story of Sleeping Beauty under the name of ‘Rosebud’.

Using the Grimm story as a basis a mixture of black and white or colour images illustrate the story. I prefer the black and white as to me there is something much more aesthetically pleasing, and the colours used in the colourful pictures are a tad garish… Again the characters have soft features and traditional medieval dress (as this is when the original story was supposedly set, I should probably take this into consideration). 

The combination between the little black and white illustrations and the much larger, full scene, colour images, narrates the story very effectively and interestingly. This has given me something to think about when drawing up scenes of my story.

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